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Back in the early 1990’s. J&J stood for Jason and Justin O’Halloran. It was known as the brother duo DJ service. We had started our DJing experience at St. Anne’s Elementary Middle School in Webster, Ma. The school had allowed us to start DJing the dances held by the school. Jason and Justin used their fathers (Daniel) home entertainment center and Cerwin Vega Speakers! Everyone has to start somewhere. After the 1st dance we were already booking jobs for our friends and family! It was a GREAT time! As Jason had grown he had found new fields to work in. Jason now works in the HVAC/Pluming industry. He is doing very well for himself.

Update Jan 2015:
Jason has now started O'Halloran HPC operated out of Oxford, MA.
Doing VERY well being out on his own! As the years went on, at the age of 15, Justin had taken on the main role for DJing the family started business and started B.A.S.S. DJ Entertainment. On the day of his first driving test, Justin’s father took him to buy his FIRST set of JBL Speakers, they are still in service today! QUALITY equipment pays off! After that it was a snowball effect. More speakers, amps, lighting, CD’s, (Remember CD’s? compact discs. We still have a LARGE collection of CD’s, not in use all the time. but the they tell a story line like no other) and so much more equipment came into the BASS DJ family. The gigs kept coming and the love of the industry kept growing! With the loving support from parents Donna and Daniel O’Halloran, Justin was able to follow his dreams to DJ and entertain the clients that hired BASS DJ Entertainment. In the late 90’s BASS DJ was up and running in the fast moving and changing market. To this day BASS DJ strives for the HIGHEST customer satisfaction and likes to lead the market in state-of-the-art technology, service, entertainment and so much more! B.A.S.S. DJ Entertainment would like to Thank all of the clients that have supported and help make us what we are today. With out them, we would have never made it off the ground. A VERY special Thanks too: Donna & Daniel O’Halloran (Parents) Jason O’Halloran (Brother) Claire Phillipo (Grandmother) Bob St. George (First DJ to give Justin a chance in the market).

BASS DJ Entertainment First Started Out As J&J Disc Jockey Service

Justin O'Halloran & Bob St. George - At the Wedding of Mr & Mrs TJ Bent 10/9/2016 - Old Sturbridge Village

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